What is Slay by Email?

Slay by Email is a Play by Email (PbEM) role playing group. If you aren't familiar with PbEM don't worry, most people aren't. PbEM RPGs are a way to play a little bit of pen-and-paper goodness without having to block out a chunk of time for everyone to meet in person. The idea is without this time constraint games can last much longer and since you have time to think about replies without holding up a game in progress, they are often times much more detailed as well.


The Slay by Email group uses the 5th Edition SRD for the most part. Rules are a little lax in places because playing by email presents a few challenges that aren't normally seen when playing face-to-face. We also use an online tool for rolling dice so that everyone can see what's being rolled and nobody has to worry about the DM playing favorites. For more info including links to the various tools and reference guides used, visit the Tools and Information page.

There are very few other rules in this group. In general:

How can I play?

If you want to join the current adventuring party head over to the Sign Up page and enter your email. You'll get an email asking to confirm your subscription to the mailing list. An archive of past messages can be found here. If you're interested in more PbEM games, check out r/pbem on Reddit.

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